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Following my many years of teaching golf, I have devised a completely new system of teaching golfers how to improve their golf game. This I have named "MbGt", which simply explained stands for Movement Based Golf Training. It is a completely new way of both learning, or improving your golf game, and it has been proven to dramatically improve the way you play golf, at all levels from the very beginner to the Tour Professional.

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Please select the category of golfer you are from the list below.

If you are a complete novice with no golfing experience please select: Beginners Golf Lessons

If you have played golf before, and have a Golf Handicap in double numbers (ie: 28 -10) please select: Intermediate Golf Lessons

if you are an advance golfer, and have a Golf Handicap in single numbers (ie. 0-9) please select: Advance Golf Lessons

About Andy Combe

Andy focus’s is on the simple fundamentals, the platform that dictates your swing, and the process that proceeds it. Often golf instruction complicates an already difficult game, and regularly players get stuck in technique, which restricts their natural ability to perform an automatic flowing movement.

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