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Transformational Executive Golf 

Combination of Asia’s leading Executive Coaching and Golf at a retreat in one of Asia’s top luxury resorts
A 5 day investment in your career performance
A 5 day investment in your golfing ability
A 5 day investment in your health and well being
A 5 day investment in YOU
A well earned break

Summary of Content
Learn the secrets of some of Asia’s leading executive coaches and spend time with them to work on your career and challenges. Transform your own leadership capability.
Invest time in your golf game with Asia’s leading golf professionals – over 20 hours of teaching, coaching and practice.
See the links between the two. How we play and practice our golf almost certainly shows up in the Board room – and vice versa!
Invest a week in your well being and learn from some of the world’s leading experts in well-being.
Spend 5 days in one of Asia’s leading luxury resorts – have a break while still working hard.

Content Detail
Think like a coach. – 4 hours a day of transformational education to show you how world class coaches work with people and how executive coaches think. Learn how to change results, learn how to “practice” - in a career sense. Learn how to perform at a higher level.
Golf Tuition, practice and play – 2 hours a day of individual and group golf tuition with practice. 2 hours a day of playing plus opportunities to play more in a day if you choose. A full analysis of your golf game and action plans for you to establish a practice and improvement regime for the next year. Final day golf competition and celebration.
Group and individual classes and consultation on health and well being tailored towards senior executives and the challenges they face.
Tailored plans for health, well being, diet and relaxation created throughout the week for you to take home.
On going executive, somatic or nutritional coaching available for you to continue after the program.

Other Content
Start the day with optional Yoga (specifically tailored for executives and also for the challenges of golf). Leaves participants with a daily routine they could practice each day back at home.
End the day with Tension Release Exercises™. Leaves participants with a valuable tool for releasing stress in their lives back at home.
Food tailored to support the nutritional advice and consultations that they will receive during the week. Breakfast, mid morning snacks, lunch, snacks and nutrition for golf, dinner.
Body treatments and body treatment analysis and advice so that participants have action plans for better physical capacity after leaving.
Option for time with a personal trainer during the week to advise on exercise plans.

Watch the movie (we can send it in welcome pack) “The Legend of Bagger Vance"
Read Book – “Mastery” by George Leonard
Questionnaire on their leadership challenges
Questionnaire and analysis on their golf game (or at least what they thing the challenges are).
Including stats, spending habits, practice habits etc.
Questionnaire on their health/diet analysis and goals.

About Andy Combe

Andy focus’s is on the simple fundamentals, the platform that dictates your swing, and the process that proceeds it. Often golf instruction complicates an already difficult game, and regularly players get stuck in technique, which restricts their natural ability to perform an automatic flowing movement.

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