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If you are looking to hold a Personal One-on-One Intensive Golf, then we can tailor the event to suit your particular requirements. Normally we would suggest that this is over a five day period to see the best results, but this again can be changed to suit you.

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We base all of our golf events around our new system of teaching/improving Golf called MbGt (Movement based Golf training), this method of teaching is exclusive to Andy Combe Golf, having been designed and developed by our Principal British Golf Instructor Andy Combe, following over 15 years of teaching golf at all levels, from the complete Beginner to the Tour Professional, with some amazing results achieved,



A Typical Day (Can be switched am/pm for weather)

7.00 – Optional Morning Yoga – 45 mins
8.00 – Breakfast
9.00 – Think like a coach sessions – TWP

10.40 – Healthy snacks
11.00 – Think like a coach continued – TWP
12.30 - Lunch
13.30 – Individual or group golf or other coaching and practice
Golf most days for 2 hours – lesson or practice but also to include:
Somatic Body consultation x 1 hour (to be scheduled)
Nutrition consultation x 1 hour (to be scheduled)
Optional body treatment time
Optional work out with personal trainer
16.00 – 9 holes of golf with analysis
19.00 – Tension Release Exercises™
20.00 – Dinner
21.00 – Free time.
Golf Analysis

Opportunity for participants to get accurate analysis of their golf game - “What you measure, is what you improve!”

Most golfers (and executives) are unaware of their strengths / weaknesses and practice the wrong things or practice what they are already good at. As a result they don’t improve

Part 1 – Pre-work questionnaire – what do they think their game stats are?

Part 2 – A caddy in each 4 ball each day - trained to keep stats (using a Sky Caddy)
Fairways hit (misses, left and right) and Average Driving Distance
Distance with other clubs (where possible to measure)
Where do you miss greens (left, right, short, long)
Greens in regulation
Number of putts
Inside 10 feet, outside 10 feet, consistently long, short, left, right?
Short game analysis
Accuracy within 100 yards (greens hit)
Chipping Accuracy (to within 10 feet– have circles sprayed on greens for 3 and 10 feet)
Bunker Saves and analysis

Please download the Complete One-on-One Golf Experience pdf: PDF

About Andy Combe

Andy focus’s is on the simple fundamentals, the platform that dictates your swing, and the process that proceeds it. Often golf instruction complicates an already difficult game, and regularly players get stuck in technique, which restricts their natural ability to perform an automatic flowing movement.

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